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PIERRE Electroforming Process

How to make everlasting Floral Jewels by coating with  precious and shining metal the inimitable forms of Nature.

The electroforming is a galvanic process for the production of objects by means of the electrodeposition of a metal over a model (matrix) able to conduct electric power. We can obtain a self-supporting shell coating the matrix, simply prolonging the electroplating time. We obtain an object called shell or galvano, it has substantial thickness and it is an exact replica of the matrix. All Collezione PIERRE's objects are made using as matrices, fresh vegetables and other organic materials or not-metallic. After the selection of shapes and dimensions, flowers, leaves and fruits are rendered electrical conductors by means of a Metallization process obtained by immersion or spraying in an exclusive formulated mixture of resins and metal powders. After drying of the metalizing veil, the original shapes are perfectly preserved. The real electroforming process takes place in a galvanic bath, that covers the objects with special metal alloys. This bath has a unique feature among modern galvanic processes, It deposits the same thickness of metal on both the protruding parts and into the recesses, ensuring a bright metal coating but not levelled. Excessive leveling surfaces could obscure the petals and leaves's texture, which instead appears reproduced in all its astonishing wealth. The electroformed "shells" are coated with pure silver or 24 kt gold. Finally we apply chemical protectives to preserve the pieces from alterations due to air pollution, handling, ultra violet radiation, humidity etc.
electroformed flower
1: natural flower
2: metallization with conductive fixative
3: electroforming process
4: silver plating with pure silver at thickness
5: gold plating with pure gold 24 Kt
6: vitrifying enamel is applied as a final protective layer.
PIERRE electroforming process video
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